Zone in US

31 May 2008

As the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky approaches ever closer, the Zone has suddenly become active and started showing in various points of the globe. Eyewitnesses report anomalous activity on the territory of USA. Special agent of GSC Game World Oleg Yavorsky has been sent to the place of the events, armed with a fresh build of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky". He told us about the events upon his return.

The events have developed so quickly. The Zone quickly spread around the country, starting from the West cost, and growing into the East. We had to act without delay. To restore balance and to stop anomalous activity, I decided to endeavor a mass demonstration of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky" to the press and independent observers from throughout the country.”

On my arrival in Los Angeles, I met several agents from the friendly faction of Deep Silver. Under cover of desolate ruins of a former research institution, we worked out a plan of operation. Our first target was the local game TV channel G4. Everything has been captured on film, then demonstrated to the whole American nation the same day. The Zone was stirred…

Tyler Nagata from GamesRadar were very glad to meet us.

Presentation for GamesRadar.

Our next destination was Oakland city. There we found two whole groups of entrenched stalker agents: Games Radar and IGN. Each demonstration and debriefing took from 40 minutes to an hour. We then noted a significant reduction of anomalous activity in the region.

In hospitable company of Charles and Jason from

Visiting GameSpot. editorial staff intently keep an eye on the events at the screen.

Headquarters of and its owners.

Moving on to the North, towards the San Francisco settlement. Here we found a large number of anomalies left by the recent Blowout. To finish this once and for all, I decided to visit the offices of and The Zone desperately resisted, so we made the deciding strike by visiting the other popular resource of Now we could breath with relief.

Preparation for demonstration on presentation at NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Editor's Day - always at the centre of attention.

May 21, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. I arrive at the headquarters of NVIDIA. There we see a large number of people and high activity: a massive show of force is scheduled for tomorrow: demonstration of the graphical processor GTX 280. Over 100 military journalists from across the globe have been invited for the celebrations. After lengthy rehearsals, I pay a visit to a local barman, then go to sleep as far away from the Blowout as possible.

Jen-Hsun answers the questions of journalists.

Photo with president of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang - everything is fine.

I move out to NVIDIA at dawn. Our graphics trade master Igor Lobanchikov arrives to help me demonstrate “Clear Sky”. We set up the system and wait for the attack. Perfect attendance of the press, numerous presentations, plenty of interesting things to see; the prequel is warmly welcomed, and our technological and gameplay innovations get plenty of praise.

After dinner in the cafe of NVIDIA staff.

Minneapolis - city of contrasts.

Fully satisfied with the course of the events, I set out for the airport. Minneapolis city is waiting up ahead. Here I am to meet with a representative of the largest gaming magazine in the world – Game Informer. I am met by agent David Bruno, and go with him to the editorial office. Editor Adam Biessener listens to our story of the game, takes notes, asks questions regarding changes and innovations in the game. He is an old admirer of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., so we quickly find a common language. At the end of the presentations we have a tour of the office and are shown the secret “armory”, in which we see the greatest collection of games of all time, together with the corresponding platforms, including Atari and Commodore! Way to go!

Police of Minneapolis always keep an eye out.

GameInformer, photo with Adam Biessener.

Weekly activity of the Zone in the US has shown to be totally unpredictable. However, our agent noted that all who encounter it remember it for a long time.