Immerse into captivating networking battles within the spooky and dangerous world of the Chernobyl Zone over LAN and Internet. There are 10 maps at your disposal, join in other players in a game supporting up to 32 combatants.

Opt for one of the sides – stalkers (weapons/equipment set in general ex-USSR countries–manufactured) or mercenaries (weapons/equipment set in general NATO courtiers–manufactured) and battle in one of the 3 multiplayer modes available.

Death Match. Game mode with everyone playing for himself. The task is to kill more enemies than the others, until the limit of time or frags is reached.

Team Death Match. Game mode with the players split into two teams, which have different weapons. Task – player’s team must kill more enemies than the opposite one, and/or reach the set time/frag limit.

Artefact Hunt. Game mode with the players split into two teams. The main objective is to find and deliver artifact to the team’s base. Artifact appears randomly in pre-designed places on the level. The team which brings more artifacts wins.

STALKER’s network game includes an abundance of equipment, grenades and armament different in firing rate, damage inflicted and accuracy. In order to have the possibility to equip with the best items, the player should have enough money and corresponding rank.

The game rules are similar to classic game modes, however the unique S.T.A.L.K.E.R. atmosphere makes its MP stand out from the rest.

The unique MP features include:

Ranks. The player starts the game as Novice. While playing he may get promoted to another 4 ranks - Experienced, Professional, Veteran, Legend.
Each new rank provides access to new set of weapons, equipment and ammo.

Weapon upgrades. Most of the weapons are upgradeable – silencers, sniper scope and barrel-attached grenade launcher are available.

Different ammo types. Each of the weapons provides for standard and special ammunition which affect the piercing power and damage. Special bullets will enable combating against better protected opponents.

Real bullet ballistic. Realistic ballistics is calculated for all the ammo with such parameters as weight, speed, environment resistance taken into account. This will allow attaining greater uniqueness for each of the weapons.
For example, the Russian Vintorez has its bullet lose speed with distance and fly along parabola. While firing sniper rifles, make sure you forestall your fire.

Artefacts and anomalies. Be careful while moving along the level as deadly anomaly may await round the corner. Radiation will not allow campers to sit and wait for long.

Dynamic day & night shift. Time of the day gets changing in real time which impacts the game tactics. As night settles in, it is sure to make, for instance, the life of snipers much tougher, so that you could stealthily sneak up to the enemy.