The Zone

After Chernobyl was evacuated, the area around it was silent - untouched by man and reclaimed by nature. Towns and villages were overgrown with trees and bushes which find their way through the concrete and asphalt. Wildlife very quickly captured abandoned territory. Packs of boars and wild dogs found new homes in Prypiat and animals from neighbor territory came to the Zone.

Anyway the story received continuation. Reports of strange creatures which were disfigured by catastrophe consequences became usual deal.

In 2006 disaster seemed to strike again. A bright light originated from the old reactor plant and people speculated that a second explosion had occurred. All attempts to get to the station and find out what had happened had the only one result – all groups which were sent to the place of catastrophe disappeared or died.

Military patrols increased as the authorities seemed more determined than ever to keep people out from the attempts to get in and die there. However human nature prevailed. Curiosity and greed led to the phenomenon of the "Stalker" - part explorer, part mercenary, part treasure hunter. These brave and foolish individuals started entering the Zone to see what could be salvaged. What they found was beyond imagination.

Stalkers bought out wonders and horrors.These strange objects which had unique and unknown physical features were called artifacts because human can`t understand them. The value of these objects to the science is one more reason to go to the Zone. Huge price on a black market is one more reason to search the artifacts.

However the risks involved in retrieving these were huge - mutant creatures roamed the landscape, ready to feed on anything they encountered and stalkers also.

One more danger is the zones of anomaly energetic activity which took lives of many stalkers. These zones were named as anomalies.

It is now 2011. The Zone is full of wonder and death. Emissions of anomaly energy appear frequently and destroy the whole creations and change the map of Zone. Stalkers, mutants and the military roam the deadly landscape of the Zone. It is that world where you have to prove to the Zone that you can survive.